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Toms Story

In June, we were shocked to hear the news that Thomas Lazarides (Tom/ Laz) had been involved in a life-changing accident.

When diving into a swimming pool, he fractured his neck in two places and sustained a serious spinal cord injury. Airlifted to an intensive care bed at King’s College Hospital in London, he could breathe only with the assistance of a ventilator.

Whilst in hospital, things took a turn for the worse as he contracted rhabdomyolysis, which began to eat away at his muscles; which has slowed his recovery considerably.

Tom is now able to breathe unaided and beginning to recover but has a very long, slow journey of rehabilitation ahead of him. Tom is an outstanding sportsman and a wonderful friend. Despite everything he is determined to finish his degree.

With knowledge of the costs involved in providing Tom with the physiotherapy and treatment needed for Tom to reach his full potential,  his many friends have banded together to support the fundraising. However, aged just 20 years, Tom now faces the very realistic possibility of being  discharged to a care home, with no realistic path to recovery on the NHS, and limited access to physiotherapy – there is no current recovery path for him.

We are determined to help him get one.
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